We are constantly looking for new members.
If you would like to become a piper or drummer in the City of Rochester Pipe Band, please feel free to contact us.

Pipe Major Tony Daniel
0044 (0)1303 274 674
E mail


Drum Sergeant William Mackay
0044 (0) 1622 792 480
E mail

What Pipers receive from the band?

Piper gets tuition on practice chanter and pipes.
Pipe bag, Pipe cords, Pipe ribbons plus Band music scores.

You will get a Full no. 1 uniform, a day wear uniform and a Re-Enactment uniform

What Drummers receive from the Band?

The drummer gets tuition on drum pad.
You will get a Full No.1. Uniform, a day wear uniform and a Re-Enactment uniform. We will also supply you with a snare drum/tenor or Bass drum plus Band drum scores.

What the Band requires from respective candidate

  • We ask for commitment, enthusiasm, loyalty & dedication plus patience, and to be responsible for the equipment issued to them as any items lost or damaged are your responsibility.

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